Course SLE211v15

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Deployment

This course is designed for those who deploy, or will be deploying, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server locally on bare metal, virtualized, or into a public or private cloud, including Azure, AWS, or GCE.

Students will learn basic installation techniques using the unified installer, as well as more advanced AutoYaST and image-based deployments.

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Course Information

Delivery Method: Classroom or Virtual Classroom
Course Duration: 2 days
Course Level: Intermediate
Cost: 660.00 USD (including all local taxes in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong)

Key Objectives

Attendees will be taught the following concepts and skills that are fundamental in Deploying the SLES Operating System:

  • Understanding current deployment technologies
  • How to deploy with AutoYaST
    • Configuring installation services: DHCP, PXE, Installation Servers
    • Automating an installation with AutoYaST
  • Image based deployment with KIWI
    • Basic layout and function of a KIWI XML file
  • Deploying to the cloud
    • Azure introduction
    • AWS introduction
    • GCE introduction
    • Images found in the public cloud marketplaces
    • Deploying to Azure, AWS, and GCE

Audience Summary

This course is designed for those who have experience administering SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or other Linux distributions.

Course Outline

  • Section 1: Overview of Deployment Technologies
    • Bare Metal Technologies
    • Cloud Deployments
    • Automation and Imaging
  • Section 2: Automated Installation with AutoYaST
    • Installation Services
      • SLES Installation Server
      • DHCP
      • TFTP
      • PXE
    • Understand AutoYaST
      • Prepare for an AutoYaST Installation
      • The Control File
      • PXE and AutoYaST
      • AutoYast Scripts, Rules, and Classes
  • Section 3: Image Based Deployment with KIWI
    • Overview of KIWI
    • Installing KIWI
    • Basic KIWI Workflow
    • Building KIWI Images
    • Customizing the Boot Process
    • The KIWI Image Description File
    • Advanced Configuration Options
    • KIWI Image Maintenance
  • Section 4: Cloud Deployment
    • Available Cloud Providers
    • Images in the Cloud
    • Deploying to the cloud
      • GCE
      • Azure
      • AWS

Course Prerequisites

Students should be proficient in the use of the Bash shell, understand basic use-cases for deployment types, and be comfortable installing operating systems. Linux experience is required.

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