ONTAP Cluster Administration

This three-day, instructor-led course uses lecture and hands-on exercises to teach the basic administration tasks of an ONTAP 9.7 cluster. You use the cluster shell and ONTAP System Manager to manage storage and network resources. ONTAP Cluster Administration is an intermediate course in a comprehensive learning path for NetApp customers, partners, and employees. This course is generally taught with the two-day ONTAP Data Protection course.

Course Information

Delivery Method: Classroom or Virtual Classroom
Course Duration: 3 days
Course Level: Beginner

Course Outline

Module 1: NetApp ONTAP 9 Clusters
ONTAP deployment options
The Cluster
Storage Virtual Machine’s (SVMs)

Module 2: Cluster Setup
Supported All Flash FAS and FAS configurations
Setting up a Cluster
Administration Interfaces

Module 3: Cluster Management
Access control
Date and Time
Policies, Jobs and Schedules

Module 4: Network Management
NetApp ONTAP Network Review
Network Ports
Network Traffic Segregation
Nondisruptive LIF configuration
Routing Management

Module 5: Physical Storage Management
Drives, RAID and Aggregates
Advanced Drive Partitioning
Flash Cache and Flash Pool
FabricPool Aggregates

Module 6: Logical Storage Management
Flexible Volumes
Provisioning Storage Resources
Moving Storage Resources

Module 7: Data Access
Using NAS Protocols to Access Data
Use SAN Protocols to Access Data

Module 8: Data Protection
Manage Snapshot Copies
Restore Data from a Snapshot Copy
Backup and Replicate Data
Storage Encryption

Module 9: Storage Efficiency
Thin Provisioning
Deduplication and Compression
Flash Efficiency
FlexClone Volumes

Module 10: Cluster Maintenance
Data collection, Monitoring and Automation Tools
Backing up and Restore Cluster Configuration
Upgrading your Cluster
Performance Recommended Practices
Technical Support

Module 11: Course Review

Course Prerequisites

  • ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals (Web-based training [WBT])
  • Introduction to Networking in Clustered Data ONTAP (WBT)
  • ONTAP NAS Fundamentals (WBT)
  • ONTAP SAN Fundamentals (WBT)

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