Introduction to Linux for Users and Administrators

This course explains the basics of Linux to users and prospective administrators. This includes logging in and out, use of the shell (command line), the online documentation, and the most important commands. In addition, we explain the vi and Emacs text editors and the fundamentals of the Unix “toolchest“ philosophy which allows users to assemble complicated routines out of simple building blocks. An introduction to the Linux directory structure, followed by an overview of file archiving and compression tools, rounds off the topic.

This cours is aimed towards readers with basic knowledge of using computers. Its content or comparable knowledge are a prerequisite for the successful study of further manuals and for certification with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI)

Course Information

Delivery Method: Classroom or Virtual Classroom
Course Duration: 4 days
Course Level: Beginner
Cost: 1,320.00 USD (including all local taxes in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong)


  • Introduction
  • Using the Linux System
  • Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Shell?
  • Getting Help
  • Editors: vi and emacs
  • Files: Care and Feeding
  • Regular Expressions
  • Standard I/O and Filter Commands
  • More About The Shell
  • The File System
  • Archiving and Compressing Files

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