Introduction to Kubernetes for Administrators

Kubernetes is the most popular open source container orchestration platform that makes cluster management easy.
This training helps you to understand the Kubernetes environment and its applications.
Starting with an introduction to the fundamentals of Kubernetes, you’ll install and set up your Kubernetes environment. You’ll understand how to write YAML files and deploy your first simple web application container using Pod.
You will explore various Kubernetes entities and functions, and discover when to use them.
By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to manage containers and run cloud-based applications efficiently using Kubernetes.

This training is aimed towards Administrators with knowledge of Linux.

Course Information

Delivery Method: Classroom or Virtual Classroom
Course Duration: 4 days
Course Level: Intermediate
Cost: 1,320.00 USD (including all local taxes in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong)


  • Introduction to Kubernetes and Containers
  • An Overview of Kubernetes
  • kubectl – Kubernetes Command Center
  • How to Communicate with Kubernetes (API Server)
  • Pods
  • Labels and Annotations
  • Kubernetes Controllers
  • Service Discovery
  • Storing and Reading Data on Disk
  • ConfigMaps and Secrets
  • Build Your Own HA Cluster
  • Your Application and HA
  • Runtime and Network Security in Kubernetes
  • Running Stateful Components in Kubernetes
  • Monitoring and Autoscaling in Kubernetes
  • Advanced Scheduling in Kubernetes
  • Upgrading Your Cluster without Downtime

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